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Tips on writing an essay

The most essential parts of essays are the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction serves as a sample that conveys and establishes the significance of the whole essay. The conclusions serve as the final pitch that leaves persuasive and strong impressions on the readers.

With the information above the introductions and conclusions of your essays have to be very powerful. These two paragraphs show the readers the beginning and final statements that can either beak or make an essay. A strong essay must have a very attractive introduction and a brilliant conclusion.

It is not as easy as it sounds; writing a very good introduction and conclusion is difficult. It involves tapping into your creative juices and you need sufficient time to do your research. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can use in writing good essays.

Writing Introductions

The main reason for an introduction it capture the attention of the reader. It also serves as a quick overview of the essay’s main idea and focus. There are two points that you need to remember.

The first is to open with a bang. The most successful of the opening paragraphs are the one that grab the attention of the reader by:

  • Using startling information- A good way to start an essay is by employing revealing and surprising information. The purpose of an essay is to stimulate the brain. Using facts that will startle the reader makes them both excited and curious. They are compelled to keep reading more just remember that the information must be true and that it is confirmable.
  • Through anecdotes- an anecdote is an amusing a short story about a person or real incident. The narrative must be short and relevant to the topic. An anecdote can be a great essay opener but it must be written cautiously.
  • Dialogues- The dialogue must be relevant and appropriate to the topic. The reader must understand the significance of the dialogue and what it’s trying to convey. It’s important that you use on two or three exchanges to establish the main idea in your essays.
  • Apply information summary- when you are writing a formal essay, what works best is information summary.

The second point is to finish the opening paragraph of the essay with a thesis statement. This is done so that the readers can take note of the main points of the essays.

Writing the Conclusion

The essay can never be effective if there is no closing statement. The conclusion is used to bring closure to the readers. It is also used to leave a compelling and strong impression on the readers. Apart from summing up the significant points of the essay it provides the reader with a personal perspective. Good essays usually have sentences that are three to four sentences in length. These sentences however have to be strong enough to realize the goals of the essay. The conclusion must reiterate the claim of the essay. The one key point in writing an essay is to make it begin strongly and end stronger.


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