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Services Marketing. Case of “Paul Smith”

The essay is about the fashion retailer “Paul Smith” and analyse the service marketing is sues affecting it. The elements that form this assignment are: A definition fashion retail sector by size

and competitive structure; assessment of the opportunities and threats facing the sector/grouping using original and coherent analysis based on properly referenced sources; summary of the

commonalities and differences between the current service marketing strategies of chosen sector’s ‘major players’; identify organisation’s key strategic service marketing is sues for the next 5

years, drawing on your foregoing analysis; briefly demonstrate the relationship between any one of these is sues and some relevant theoretical principles of services marketing, taken from any

appropriate and referenced source. The essay must contain: introduction must have brief overview of the company in a couple of sentences and identify the problem specific to the case and

address the relevant theoretical concepts underpinning the problem; main body will include identifying the reasons why the problem occurred (and the theoretical concepts underpinning that),

the solutions which maybe appropriate, you can have more than one solution and then recommend the solution which you consider the most appropriate. Support your arguments by drawing on

the relevant literature; conclusion must contain summary of main points of recommendation in relation to the problem identified right at the beginning; and each and every reference must be

cited in alphabetical order and must be complete.

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