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‘Red Bull or Black Devil?’

Questions based on ‘Red Bull or Black Devil?’ case available in the assessment section of the module blackboard site
Q1 The case study describes Red Bull’s distribution strategy as ‘savvy’* (p3).
Do you agree with this view?
Present your analysis of Red Bull’s distribution strategy and tactics as presented in the case study to explain and justify your answer to the question
Q2 How important is the integration of the distribution, selling and promotion functions to Red Bull’s strategy? Explain and justify your answer
Q3 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantaged of using local distributors for ONE other FMCG manufacturer from the list below in the UK market
toothpaste brand of your choice
breakfast cereal brand of your choice
machine clothes washing soap powder/tablets/etc brand of your choice
Make reasonable assumptions where necessary. Articulate your assumptions.

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