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Outline what do you find most frustrating about your job?

Directions for the assignment please write survey questions that will help identify a training need. Write 10 survey questions for this assignment.

Organization Survey

For the Week 3 assignment, you are asked to only assemble a survey, not to conduct your needs assessment, thus not filled in by a participant. The sample survey questions provided in the Week 3 Assignment Guide focus mostly on employee satisfaction, but they often are not useful in identifying a training need. So try to include questions that will help you identify a training need, such as: Do you feel that you have been sufficiently trained to perform your responsibilities as well as possible? The number of questions beyond ten is your decision, as long as it sufficiently pulls in useful data that will help you when you do conduct your needs assessment which will be for the Week 5 assignment and later, the project. A minimum of ten items will be expected, though.

For the Week 3 assignment:

–You ONLY need to create a survey you will later use when you conduct your needs assessment.

–Format it as a document as a hand out. This will require information about the intent of the survey addressed to the participant and what the person will need to do, such as “Mark the button that best indicates your choice.” It will require space for writing in the answer, particularly for open ended questions.

— Do NOT include interview or observation questions in your survey , only the survey hand-out.

This is the only assignment that a sample will not be provided since there are so may formats to choose. Please ask any questions you may have about this in the Q&A Forum.

For the needs assessment, you will want to consider potential sources of information that may help you in your analysis. This assignment is a building block toward compiling the information for the project. You will create a survey or questionnaire to be used for gathering the data.

Assessment Questionnaires: Questionnaires can be created that probe for areas in which systems, structures, or processes are not functioning as intended. They can be used to look toward group, departmental, or individual issues. See the information below regarding ideas for your Assessment Questionnaires. Remember to place the paper in the Week 3 Organization Survey Dropbox by end of day Sunday MT of the Week 3.

Potential questions include:

1. I am involved in decisions that directly affect my job.

2. My supervisor communicates with me on a regular basis.

3. I clearly understand what is expected of me.

4. I am rewarded for good performance.

5. My opinion has been asked regarding what needs to change in my work area.

6. I understand why the decisions that affect my job are made.

7. My supervisor gives me information that is important to me.

8. I have the skills necessary to perform my job properly.

9. I am rewarded for working well with others.

10. I receive frequent feedback on my performance.

11. I believe the information that I receive from my supervisor.

12. I have the tools necessary to perform my job properly.

13. My job leaves me with a sense of accomplishment.

14. I understand the information that I receive from my organization.

15. I am encouraged to make decisions that affect my job.

16. I am encouraged to communicate with my supervisor.

17. Team goals are supported throughout my organization.

18. My organization treats all employees well.

19. I have the information necessary to make decisions that affect my job.

20. I am encouraged to communicate with others.

21. The feedback that I receive is directly related to my job performance.

22. My organization treats all employees fairly.

23. My supervisor allows me to communicate my thoughts without fear of reprisal.

24. The feedback that I receive is constructive in nature.

25. My organization is interested in the growth and development of its employees.

26. I believe the information that I receive from my organization.

Observations: Individuals can be observed on the job and their interactions and activities noted for further analysis. Observations can include

1. how individuals communicate (time spent, amount of detail, responsiveness);

2. how individuals make decisions (time spent, involvement sought, etc.); and

3. how work is performed (under pressure, in groups, etc.).

Interviews: Interviews can be conducted in person or via a distributed questionnaire that probe for areas where performance may be improved. Potential interview questions include the following.

1. What do you think the most important part of your job is? What is least important?

2. What would you like to learn to make your job easier or better? What are the programs, processes, or resources available for you to learn from?

3. How have you developed the skills that you have?

4. Who brings problems to you and what kind of problems are they? How do you usually solve them? Who do you ask for help?

5. What do you find most frustrating about your job?

6. What would you like to be spending your time doing? What would need to happen to let you do that?

It is up to you to determine the methodology to be used in conducting the assessment. Considerations should include the willingness of the organization and its employees to provide information, the availability of information from the organization to be studied, and the availability of individuals in the organization to be interviewed/observed.

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