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NFL & Concussions Rate



NFL & Concussions Rate

  1. What is the current position of the NFL per the concussion rate? Are football related concussions any higher than other sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey

In a regular season, a sum of 159 injuries were accrued from the head with a mean of 9.35 concussions handled weekly, or 0.62 concussions in every game. In game of 33 players for every team, the rate of accident is 15.06% and 9.38% epidemiological incidence which may be quite high for 53 people. 52% head injuries has resulted from offensive players while 48 has been due to defensive players. This rate is higher than any other game like baseball, and basketball, however hockey has high chances of concussion.

  1. What is the suggested relationship between concussions and brain health? Please include an official source here

Every concussion has a grave injury to the brain that has long implications. There is a strong connection between concussions to dementia. One may have an early onset of dementia and other disorders. An increase of concussion may lead to Alzheimer’s disease (center for neuro and spine). Concussions are also connected to Parkinson’s disease, since head injuries are a leading aspect to brain disease.

  1. What do you believe is the role of strength training in the prevention of cerebral injuries in football? Other contact sports?

Head and neck injuries are common in football players of every levels and capacities. Though the high contact nature of football needs the correct conditioning and appropriate strength training. It is safer than just putting on relevant facilities; advancing the correct upper-body muscles is important for safe sustainment of blows to the head. In other contact sports, the players are able to advance their strength for the parts that they use in sports. For instance leg and hands strength. One is able to be stable as well as protection from advancement of strong abdominal muscles (Brianmac, 2012). The muscles developed are isometric which hinders any form of resistance from any side of the head.

  1. What do you perceive the role of a strength coach and/or trainer to be per the incidence and/or prevention of concussions?

Every coach in a game has to have a plan on how they will manage the injuries that players get in games. These plans are called emergency plans for handling with the injuries; they ought to be aware for what to do and what not to do (Brianmac, 2012). For instance no body movement should be allowed in case of injuries as well as proper training that would develop upper or lower body muscles with regard to the sports being used.


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