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MacDonald?s: From Big Mac to P?Tit Plaisir?

MacDonald?s: From Big Mac to P?Tit Plaisir?
Subject: Management

1. You must review and conduct a case analysis in regard to the Cease entitled “MacDonald’s: From Big Mac to P’Tit Plaisir” (Case #14) pg. 207 in the Case section of your text. Make sure you read through the notes on the “Essentials of Case Analysis” which is listed under “Course Materials.” In the process of your analysis you should incorporate many of those items such as trends, SWOT analysis, Strategy formulation, Implementation and overall recommendations. In your analysis make sure you address the four bullets listed below.

• Describe the types of market demands that compelled McDonald’s to deviate from its successful business model.
• What actions did McDonald’s take in response to these market demands?
• Evaluate the effect or outcome of the company’s strategic actions. Provide evidence of their success or failure.
• McDonald’s actions to demonstrate its sense of corporate responsibility. Has the company achieved the intended results?
2. How do the five forces of competition in an industry affect a firm’s profit potential? Be specific. Describe each force and how it influences the landscape of an industry and the companies in that industry. Use examples where appropriate. Do not just copy the theory from the text. I want to see your analysis of the theory and whether you think this strategic management theory is still valid in the dynamic business environment of today. In your analysis explain what makes an industry attractive or unattractive to an entrepreneur?



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