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Human Resources Management (HRM)

1.”TQM Planning” Please respond to the following:

Imagine your company is being used to subcontract the management of a project. However, you find that you must first convince the contracting company that your company is worthy of the position. Design a plan that centers on TQM and the contracting company’s increasing concern for a quality product. Be sure to address at least the following concerns:

a.What precautions are being implemented to ensure a quality project?
b. How do you plan on ensuring stakeholder satisfaction?
c. What methods of quality assurance do you offer?
d. Do you offer quality control, if so how is it implemented?
2. “Case Study: Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off”
Give your opinion of the affinity diagram used in the case titled “Affinity and Relationship Diagrams for Project Kick-off”. Then, suggest an alternate method for a kickoff meeting. Rate the two methods (your suggested method and the affinity diagram) by comparison and decide which you would prefer and why.
3. “Supply Chain Fundamentals” Please respond to the following:

a. Evaluate how supply chain management affects the process of project management.
b. Your current company has decided to enhance their IT department. Compare and contrast the reasons to hire new employees versus outsourcing the additional work.
4. “More Management Techniques” Please respond to the following:

a. From the video, give your opinion on the three approaches discussed in the video (goal setting, praise, and reprimand). Assess how these are or are not applicable to a team setting, and whether this is still pertinent in today’s workforce given that the video is nearly three decades old.
b. Speculate the possible outcomes of reprimanding an employee.
5. “Project Control” Please respond to the following:
a. Critique the balanced scorecard approach as it applies to human resource projects.
b. Assess one way to control a project efficiently.
6. “Wrapping Up the Project” Please respond to the following:
a. Prioritize the elements of finishing a human resource project.
b. Suppose you just completed an extensive project and your team is showing signs of relief. Unfortunately, you have yet to inform your team that they are behind schedule with a second project that contains an overlapping schedule with the previous project. Formulate a strategy to handle the situation addressing the post activities of the first project and balancing employee attitudes.

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