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Gender Socialism and Toys Custom Essay

Ortiz Introduction Toys are objects used by children to play. Toys help children in brain development and in the gaining of the ability to think logically and have memory skills. During the visit to Toy’s R US, I came across thirty types of toys, and many of them being the cognitive types of toys. There were a variety of toys that included both for girls and boys. Many of the toys were affordable, which enables one to buy many of them. Types of boys’ and girls’ toys Some of the toys that belonged to boys are cars, video games and remote controlled cars, Tonka trucks, matchbox cars. Girls had a collection included baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and cooking items. Colors of the toys varied with the sex of the child. Girls’ toys have bright colors while most of the boys’ toys have dull colors such as black. Most of the toys were the cognitive type, a type that helps in brain development of the child.

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