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Finance and Accounting Soul of Money

Project description
Assignment Specifics: You are to read the book (“Soul of Money” by Lynne Twist) and prepare an essay which critiques and reflects on the relationship of money to business, society and the accounting profession, relating your experiences and your reflections on The Soul of Money.
Essay writing: Essays are usually written from the author’s perspective and can include personal recollections, objective and factual observations and also the big picture or universal perspective that can help others “connect the dots”? on the theme or topic being discussed. The best essays make use of all these categories, to some degree.
Here are the questions to be answered:
TOPIC of the book: Scarcity and Sufficiency: The Search for Prosperity (Chapter 3&4, 51 pgs)
a. How much do you “carry the mantra of not enough”??
b. Observe in your life and in others if the fundamental assumptions of scarcity are all pervasive.
c. In your own life, try to “unpack the mind set of scarcity”? and look at the author’s three myths: 1) There’s not enough; 2) More is better; 3) That’s just the way it is.
d. What do you think might be other “unquestioned answers”? in the 21st Century?
e. “Sufficiency isn’t an amount at all. It’s an experience …a knowing that there is enough and we are enough.”? How do you react to this idea?
f. Do you have a sense for you and your family of what is “enough”?? How do you rank your personal fulfillment and satisfaction? Do you think, “enough is a place you can arrive and dwell in?”? Why or why not?

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