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The goal of Essay 2 is a repetition of Essay 1. This new essay will either be an effort at
perfecting Essay 1, or an effort at re-creating Essay 1, a choice determined by the
following criteria:

2. Re-create your essay in the form of a creation myth, or a ritual repetition. Use Eliade’s
Myth of the Eternal Return as a guide. For instance, Eliade writes, “1. Every creation
repeats the pre-eminent cosmogonic act, the Creation of the world. 2. Consequently,
whatever is founded has its foundation at the center of the world (since, as we know, the
Creation itself took place from a center.)” (p. 18) Ask yourself, how does my essay on
expertise involve the creation of a world? And what is the center of that world? If you regard
your expertise as something better characterized as “ritualistic,” consider the following
proclamation of Eliade: “Every ritual has a divine model, an archetype…” (p. 21). Ask
yourself, what might be the divine model of the ritual I enact in my expertise? What is the
story of that model? In both cases, using your original essay as your source, tell the story of
the creation of the world, and/or the story that is the model for the ritual you enact in
your area of expertise.

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