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Criminal Domestic

Criminal Domestic

1. Identify some of the Contemporary Domestic Terrorism Issues we are experiencing in the United States at the time of this essay. Include an overview of the critical trends, identify some of the leaders responsible, and examine the reality of the perceived threat.

2.Distinguish Skinheads & Supremacists. How are they the same? How are they different? How are they organized, and who are the leaders? Should law enforcement be interested in these groups?
3. Examine the DHS/FBI Lexicon. Compare/contrast the related groups. Determine from the writeup which groups are more dangerous, and reprioritize the list (sans definitions) if appriopriate. Research the online library for each term and identify which topic has the most available references
4. How big an issue is the “Paper Terrorism” committed by the folks known as Sovereign Citizens? Should there be a federal or state law prohibiting such actions? How should police officers treat folks they suspect to be Sovereigns
5. Identify the reason for the Uniform Commercial Code. Is there a civil or criminal application? Who was it designed to be used by? How could it be legitimately adapted for use by citizens — Sovereign or otherwise?
6. Distinguish between Cells and those practicing Leaderless Resistance. How do Lone Wolves fit in? Which of these should be of most concern to those protecting the U.S. population?
7. What are the critical features and components of an intelligence gathering process at the local and state level? Where is the process likely to fall apart? How can it be corrected/fixed?
What do you see as the Domestic Terrorist threat in the U.S. in 2012 and the future? How does it compare to what we are paying attention to?
9. How are Patriots and Militia groups classified, treated, studied, and documented? Which of the types of groups examined in this context are the most able to cause problems? Which groups, if any, could be exported?
10. Describe your understanding of the project that took up most of the second half of the course. How did yoiu contribute to it? Did it feel like a real-world exercise? How could it have been more realistic?

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