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conflict situation

conflict situation

Use the completion of your learning guide to help you write your 1500 word Reflective assignment on a conflict situation you have encountered in the past two years. Preferably in a workplace situation but this could be from anywhere, as conflict can occur in at environment where there are differences of opinions.


1.First Part

The factors that led to this conflict How it was managed The outcome ofthe conflict. This section is about 300 Words only

2. Second Part

On reflection, how could it have been managed differently so that a win-win situation can be achieved? Include in your discussion the following aspects of conflict management:
Maintenance of professional integrity

Consideration of all participants’ needs

A focus on behavior, rather than emotions

A demonstration of active listening skills

Opportunities to voice concerns by all participants


Third Part

The importance of evaluating your actions and concluding remarks

You are expected to reference from at least five sources of material. Please refer to our Reference materials booklet as well as additional textbooks. Please reference within the text of your essay “in-text referencing”

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